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Non-NFL Recap: Tony Hunt MIA, Jeff Brooks Lands in Italy

July 20th, 2011 No comments

It’s been a while since the last recap, but that is for good reason — nothing interesting has really happened. One thing to note, however, is that the UFL has pushed back their season due to the likely end of the NFL lockout. The season is actually starting when it normally would, but at the end of last year, the league announced it would attempt to move the season up in case the NFL lockout was still going on.

Here’s the rundown of Penn Staters playing in league other than the NFL:

Tony Hunt – When we last left off, Hunt was tearing up defenses in the Austrian Football League. His team had just been eliminated from Eurobowl contention, but there were still two games left in the season. Well when it came time for the next game, Hunt was nowhere to be seen on the box score. The game after that, same thing. As you can imagine, there is not a ton of info out there about the AFL, so I’m not sure if he was injured – which is the likely cause – or if he pulled an Austin Scott and returned back to Pennsylvania to become a construction worker. Either way, the Austrian season is over so we probably won’t hear too much about Hunt for a while.

Anthony Morelli – Morelli was last seen giving up on his Arena Football League career with the Pittsburgh Power in order to try out for the Hartford Colonials of the UFL. Morelli hasn’t been signed to the Colonials since the tryout, but teams are still filling out their rosters for training camp, so that door may not be completely closed yet.

Gerald Cadogan – The second-year left tackle continues to hold his starting job with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. The team is off to a good start with a 2-1 record going into Saturday’s home game against Edmonton. Cadogan is a staple on an offensive line that averages 100.0 yards rushing/game and 258 pass yards. He is also protecting a mobile quarterback in Henry Burris who rushes for over 30 yards/game, so he certainly gets a workout on gameday.

Jerome Hayes – As for the second year linebacker, Hayes had an up-and-down season with the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League. He started the season in the injured reserve list, but eventually joined what would end up being one of the top defenses (or the AFL’s equivalent of defense) in the league. With one game left in the season, the Soul rank 2nd in rush defense and 4th in pass defense. Hayes has had 5 games since the last recap and in those games he recorded 2 tackles, .5 tackles, .5 tackles, and then two games with no tackles. In the 2-tackle game, he also recorded an interception. (As a rule of thumb, I double the amount of tackles to gauge the impact AFL players have because so little tackling goes in the arena game.) The Soul are currently 6-11 and have one more game remaining, Friday night against the Pittsburgh Power.

Daryll Clark – As you saw on Saturday, Clark was signed to the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL to take part in their training camp (which is probably longer now since the season was pushed back). Just a quick update on that, Clark recently tweeted this, which may or may not be related to football at all, but either way, it’s not a good sign. Gotta love Twitter.

Jeff Brooks – Yeah, Jeff Brooks the basketball player. This recap does say non-NFL, so he should fit in here just fine. Anyway, Brooks signed with Aurora Basket Jesi on Wednesday afternoon and will play his pro ball in Italy. The team, also known as Fileni Jesi, plays in the second division of Italy and are based in the town of Jesi.

Ali Krieger – Might as well jump in on some soccer, too, because how often can you say a Penn Stater was in a World Cup Final. Most of you already know the story with how the US team fared, but I had to include her on the site somewhere. Krieger scored the final PK in the shootout in the quarterfinal against Brazil and will likely be on highlight reels from this World Cup for as long as they are shown. In the final, however, Krieger played a vital role in giving up the first Japan goal to ignite their comeback when she failed to clear a ball right in front of the US goal. A Japanese player sunk the shoot from point-blank range and will probably supply the former PSU women’s soccer star with nightmares for years.

Non-NFL Recap: Scranton’s Newest Construction Worker – Austin Scott, Morelli Leaves AFL for UFL

June 10th, 2011 1 comment

This recap seems to get smaller and smaller by each post. In the last recap, the fate of Austin Scott seemed in limbo because I couldn’t find any traces of him in the Internet world. Well it turns out that was because he is now a construction worker in Scranton, PA (go to the last few paragraphs of the first section). Despite being the leading rusher in the GFL last season, Scott felt homesick in Germany and decided to take his talents to South Lackawanna. If anything pops up about him playing again, I’ll let you guys know.

Not all players have given up on Europe though. Tony Hunt, who is playing for the Raiffeisen Vikings (aka the Vienne Vikings) of the Austrian Football League slowed down a bit off his torrid pace. The Vikings have had 2 games since the last post. The first game was an AFL league game in which his team won 42-0 over the Danube Dragons. Hunt only rushed 14 times for 44 yards and lost a funble in that game. In the second game, which was a European Cup game, the Vikings lost 15-12 to the Swarco Raiders Tirol, who also play in the Austrian league. This loss eliminated the Vikings from contention in the Eurobowl. In the loss, Hunt had a strong game in which he rushed 9 times for 70 yards and scored a touchdown. He also caught a pass for -3 yards. The Vikings have one more game in their regular season.

Despite the fact that we lost Austin Scott from these recaps, I did rediscover another Penn Stater playing pro football. I say rediscover because I had posted a while back that Jerome Hayes was one of a handful of Penn Staters that had signed with Arena Football League teams in the offseason, but somehow I lost track of him. Anyhow, he is currently a member of the Philadelphia Soul where he is a linebacker. In his most recent game, which was a 39-37 victory over the Milwaukee Mustangs, he recorded 2 tackles. On the season, he has 16 tackles and 1 sack.

As you may have seen yesterday, Anthony Morelli is trying out for the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League (the same league Terelle Pryor is rumored to be going to) which means his tenure with the Pittsburgh Power of the AFL is likely over. I’m not exactly sure how the logistics work, but he had recently lost his starting job on the team and was reassigned. I’ll keep you posted as to the outcome of the tryout.

Also, news of another Nittany Lion abroad has surfaced. In November, I posted saying that offensive lineman Gerald Cadogan was released from his CFL team. Well, apparently I misread the CFL transactions page and Cadogan (Class of ’08) is still very much a member of the Calgary Stampeders and according to the Calgary Herald, is making a great impression on his teammates and coaches this offseason. He was on the practice squad for most of last season and is looking to make the active roster this year. He will no longer be joined by Daryll Clark, who was on the Stampeders last year, but was released after the season ended.

Non-NFL Recap: Morelli Earns AFL Honor, Hunting in Austria

May 11th, 2011 No comments

A lot has changed since the last non-NFL recap. One player gained and lost a starting job. Another player kept up his torrid pace. A third player has disappeared from the football map.

First, the player who gained and lost his starting job. Anthony Morelli signed with the Pittsburgh Power of the AFL in the middle of the season and quickly found himself with the starting position when a pair of quarterbacks went down injured. As you saw in the last recap, he played very well in his first start, tallying 7 touchdowns and earning the AFL’s week 7 MVP award. When starting QB Bernard Morris returned from injury, Morelli kept his starting job because of his week 7 performance, but his excitement would be short-lived. In his first “real” start, Morelli pulled a Morelli and went 22-41 for 188 yards with 2 TDs and 3 INTs while rushing 5 times for 42 yards. That was his last start as he was benched the next week in favor of Morris.

On the upside, Tony Hunt continued to tear up defenses in the Austrian Football League. Hunt has had two games for the Raiffeisen Vikings since the last post. In the first one, he rushed 7 times for 87 yards in a 41-0 victory for the Vikings in a league match which brought them to a co-league-leading 4-1 record. In their next game, which was a European Football League (think Champions League in soccer) game, Hunt led the Vikings to a 15-12 win over the Calanda Broncos (Switzerland) rushing 18 times for 80 yards while catching 4 passes for 15 yards. The Vikings are currently the #1 ranked team in all of Europe.

It looks like Austin Scott‘s stint as a professional football player in Germany is over. Despite being the leading rusher in the GFL last season, Scott was not listed on any GFL roster when the season started a few weeks ago. There’s not a lot of info about the German Football League out there, so it is not clear whether he was cut or voluntarily left, but regardless, he is not in the GFL right now. If anything pops up, I will let you guys know.

Non-NFL Recap: Morelli’s Magic, Hunt Starts Austrian Season

April 21st, 2011 No comments

“Power’s Morelli works magic against VooDoo” Yes, that is an actual headline from the website of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Anthony Morelli apparently has some magic left in him. The headline refers to the former Penn State quarterback’s performance on Thursday Night. Morelli had 7 TDs (6 passing, 1 rushing) as the Pittsburgh Power of the Arena Football League beat the New Orleans VooDoo.

Morelli has worked his way up to the starting position for the power after initially being cut at the beginning of the season. Injuries to almost the entire Power QB depth chart have allowed Morelli to see the field and he is certainly looking to be taking advantage of his situation.

Overseas, former Penn Staters look to revitalize their once-promising football careers. Austin Scott, who now plays in the German Football League, will start his season this weekend as his Brunswick FFC squad takes on the Dresden Monarchs. Scott is coming off a stellar year for Brunswick (who changed their name this season), but in the GFL, does that really mean anything?

Another former Penn State running back is making a name for himself in Europe, too. Tony Hunt has been tearing up the Austrian Football League so far this season. His team, the Raiffeisen Vikings from Vienna, are currently tied atop the Austrian Football League table with a 4-1 record. In his most recent game, Hunt rushed 22 times for 93 yards and scored a touchdown. The Vikings play next on Monday.