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Non-NFL Recap: Morelli Earns AFL Honor, Hunting in Austria

A lot has changed since the last non-NFL recap. One player gained and lost a starting job. Another player kept up his torrid pace. A third player has disappeared from the football map.

First, the player who gained and lost his starting job. Anthony Morelli signed with the Pittsburgh Power of the AFL in the middle of the season and quickly found himself with the starting position when a pair of quarterbacks went down injured. As you saw in the last recap, he played very well in his first start, tallying 7 touchdowns and earning the AFL’s week 7 MVP award. When starting QB Bernard Morris returned from injury, Morelli kept his starting job because of his week 7 performance, but his excitement would be short-lived. In his first “real” start, Morelli pulled a Morelli and went 22-41 for 188 yards with 2 TDs and 3 INTs while rushing 5 times for 42 yards. That was his last start as he was benched the next week in favor of Morris.

On the upside, Tony Hunt continued to tear up defenses in the Austrian Football League. Hunt has had two games for the Raiffeisen Vikings since the last post. In the first one, he rushed 7 times for 87 yards in a 41-0 victory for the Vikings in a league match which brought them to a co-league-leading 4-1 record. In their next game, which was a European Football League (think Champions League in soccer) game, Hunt led the Vikings to a 15-12 win over the Calanda Broncos (Switzerland) rushing 18 times for 80 yards while catching 4 passes for 15 yards. The Vikings are currently the #1 ranked team in all of Europe.

It looks like Austin Scott‘s stint as a professional football player in Germany is over. Despite being the leading rusher in the GFL last season, Scott was not listed on any GFL roster when the season started a few weeks ago. There’s not a lot of info about the German Football League out there, so it is not clear whether he was cut or voluntarily left, but regardless, he is not in the GFL right now. If anything pops up, I will let you guys know.